By Legal Notice No. 208 dated 30th December 2016, the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations, 2012 (the “Regulations”) were amended by adding Regulation 10 (2A).

Regulation 10 (2A) permits the Cabinet Secretary to waive a) the payment of application fees and b) the requirement to produce documents or evidence in support of an application for citizenship by registration for Stateless Persons, Migrants and their Descendants.

The amendment was introduced to remedy situations where stateless persons, migrants and/or their dependants’ would be eligible for citizenship by registration but were unable to successfully make applications owing to the lack of supporting documentation and in some cases application fees. By way of example, following the operationalization of this Regulation, the Makonde community in Kilifi Country who had been stateless persons (in Kenya) for over 50 years were recently granted Kenyan citizenship.

by Christine Njau

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